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Finding salad difficult to swallow?

Joined the gym but hate every minute of it?

If you’ve given up on your New Year’s resolutions already, don’t worry!

Maybe it’s just the way you're trying to achieve your goal that’s the problem, not the goal itself?

If you’re trying to get fit or lose weight by painfully sweating it at the gym and hating every minute, then how’s that good for you?

No Pain, No Gain, right?


Change doesn’t have to be painful to work. In fact, lasting change can and should be something you can sustain, i.e., be enjoyable or at least bearable.

That’s why fad diets don’t work long term because as soon as you stop restricting those calories or food groups and go back to normal eating, the weight piles back on, even more.

It’s about making lifestyle changes that you can and want to do forever….

Forget the end result for a moment.

It’s not just about achieving the goal that counts.

Your journey towards your goal, and happiness along the way, is more important than achieving the goal itself.

It’s the methods you use and day-to-day process that’s significant e.g. how you reach your goal.

If you hate the gym, there are other exercises you may actually enjoy, like gardening or walking the dog, so why waste your time doing those you don’t?


What’s the point if it isn’t fun? 


We all want to succeed in achieving our goals to feel good, therefore, feeling good is the ultimate goal (read that last sentence again!)

So, you’ve more to gain from no pain!


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