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Love Yourselfie this Valentine’s Day

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Boo hoo! It’s that time of year loved up hopeless romantic’s love, and lonely singletons loathe – Valentine’s Day!

But whether you’re single, married or in between, one person deserves your love more than anyone else – YOU!

The best investment you can make in your life is learning to love yourself again. (Yes, you did used to love every bit of you when you were born, even your own toes!)

Self -love isn't blowing kisses to yourself in the mirror (although that could be a good place to start?)

It’s speaking to yourself in a supportive, caring way, like you would a loved one, as well as taking good care of your health and well- being.

This can be difficult, with the current cost of living crisis creating too many outgoings and not enough income, too much to do and not enough time, self- love and care is last on your list of priorities.

 But U Time is essential, not a luxury to indulge in on special occasions. A massage, manicure, new outfit or hair style, are all ways we show ourselves and our bodies love and appreciation.

It’s a good idea to take good care of our physical bodies, after all, they're the only body that we ever own. If we can start to notice the good parts of our body more than the bits we don’t like, then we can learn to love the skin we are in.

Take a look at your body each morning in the mirror and focus on the bits you love; you might have nice legs or a nice smile?

Whatever you like focus on that.

Focusing on your negative aspects will make you feel worse about yourself.

And when you don’t feel good, you're likely to poison yourself with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and junk food.

The more you can love and accept yourself exactly as you are today, the more likely you'll be to take care of yourself.

That means if there’s bits you dislike now,  in the future with time and loving care, they 'll change for the better.

 There’s a true saying;

‘If you don’t love yourself, then who will?’

We must look after and love ourselves, mistakes, imperfections and all.

If there’s something we don’t love about ourselves, then others may not love that aspect of us either. Not because it’s not lovable, but because we will convey how we feel about ourselves to other people that we meet.

Our partners may think we are beautiful, but if believe we are ugly, over time, we'll start to act, dress and feel that way.

Getting to know who you are is self-love. And that means accepting the things you dislike too. No one is perfect. Everyone has darker, deeper, aspects of themselves within. This doesn't make you bad or unlovable, it makes you.... You. It's what makes you a human being.

Your relationship with you, influences all the other relationships in your life. The energy you give out, the way you treat yourself, all shows others how they should treat you.

Fat, thin, rich, poor, happy, or depressed, it makes no odds. love you for you regardless of who you think you are, or who you were.

Loving yourself does not need to depend on past or future events or relationships. Anyone can start afresh today and learn to love themselves, no matter what. Love is an in the moment feeling. And like a muscle, the more you exercise your self love, the stronger it becomes and the more love you'll feel.

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