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Regressive behaviour such as bedwetting, can cause sleepless nights for you and your child, leading to burnout.

You can help the situation by uncovering any underlying emotional issues or anxiety and focusing on that, rather than the presenting symptom of bedwetting.

If your GP has ruled out a physical problem, such as a water infection, look for any patterns.

Do they only bed wet on certain days, such as school days and not at the weekend?

Does it happen when they first go to bed at night or near morning time?

When mum is on night watch or dad?

How often a night/a week/ a month does it occur?

Are there any causes that influence the episode?

e.g., have they been emotional throughout the day because they fell out with their best friend?

Is dad working away?

Could they be mirroring your own emotions?

How you respond to their bedwetting will help or hinder their progress at this point.

 ‘Why didn’t you get up and go straight to the toilet sooner?’


 ‘Not again,’


 ‘I thought you had grown out of this’ will only prolong the issue, making them feel worse.

Handle the situation as empathetic as you would any physical medical condition that’s out of their control. This means praising them when they call out mid flow in the middle of the night, and acknowledging that as progress they’re noticing it’s happening.

You can read how to support your child through this phase in my latest article on Bedwetting, in the spring issue of @mumsandtots magazine on sale now.

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