Affirmations Don’t Work for Everyone!

affirmations burnout happy thoughts mental chatter mental health mindset mumatherapy parental burnout positive thinking positive thoughts resilience self-help self-talk Jan 12, 2023

That negative mental chatter just never shuts up, but there is a way to combat it.

Positive affirmations.

I will be honest with you they don’t work for everyone, so when I hear ’They don’t work.’ I get it. If you’re down and depressed simply saying ‘I am happy’ won’t make a huge difference. But just like motivation, positive self-talk takes ongoing practice and use.

It’s like a muscle that needs exercise, the mind is constantly learning and adapting to everything it experiences and every thought we think.

You have to feed your mind daily, positive thoughts, along with exposing yourself to more positive experiences (i.e., having fun, laughing and loving) in order to prevent negative self-talk in the first place, and to help overcome depression, stress and anxiety.

Negative self- talk is automatic, we have been conditioned from birth to be aware of danger and on the alert, and have been told growing up constantly what we’ve done wrong and all that needs changing about us, so we have to retrain our brain to make new more positive connections. The more you can do that, the more positive thoughts will become automatic.

I love to surround myself with positive phrases and one of my favourites is ‘Life is Great!’ so much so, I had this tattooed on my forearm around 15 years ago and it’s become a self-fulfilling prophecy for me ever since.

On those down days that are inevitable in everyone’s life, I glance at my arm and remember the truth ‘Life is Great’. Maybe it doesn’t feel that way for you right now but it will for someone else, which suggests that life is always great, but not everyone’s experience is great, all of the time.

But life itself is not the problem.

To increase your resilience and improve your mood, pick a positive statement that resonates with you, one that’s not too far -fetched that your mind rejects it.

For e.g.  ‘Today I am feeling ok and ok is good enough.’ Is a good starting point to reassure and prevent overwhelm, as you start to positively train your mind.

Happy thoughts all, enjoy the rest of your week!

Love and best wishes,

Em x

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